Our Mission

"Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity."

The Problem

Declining Quality Standard of Education and Non Availability of Low Cost Quality Solution !!!
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Our Solution

Capacity Building of Schools to Provide in School Quality Education !!!
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Social Impact

A Low Cost Solution Where Children Are Full of Opportunities for Overall Development !!!
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Our Products

Curriculum Design

Day by Day School Calendar Designing and Implementation !!!
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Teacher Training

Capacity Building of Teachers to Tackle Student Needs Both Academically and Emotionally !!!
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Text Books

A TextBook That Talks With You !!!
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Become a Client

Step 1 : Either we approach school or school approaches us to get our services. If you are reading this and are an authority from a school, you might want to download our brochure by clicking on this link .

Step 2 : Curriculum of school and economic profile of students is taken as an input. A detailed proposal with pool of activities and prices is provided to the school.

Step 3 : Sample workshops or events (paid or unpaid depending on the economic profile of school) to prove our claim is conducted upon the request of school. The final contract is signed based on school's response.

If your school becomes our client, following steps would take place.

Step 4 : A google calendar with all details of events is created for your school. School management validate it.

Step 5 : We get it implemented in your school using appropriate school resources.

Step 6 : Two reviews by school management of our implementation.

Step 7 : Year end presentation on the changes based on student, teacher and management feedback.

Step 8 : Renew the contract or end contract based on student, teacher and management feedbacks. For further queries Contact Us

Our existing client is SR Public Sr. Sec. School, Kota

IQ Competition


Inter School Quiz Competition, A Golden History for Kota Region !!!
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Quiz Structure

General Rules, Regulations & Quiz Structure !!!
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Prizes and Awards

Prizes Worth More than ₹ 1 Lakh to be Won !!!
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How to participate

Drop an Email to IQC Coordinator at "iqc@talkingtextbooks.in" !!!
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Our Partners

Other than Constant Motivation, Hard-Work from our Side, we Require Support from our Awesome Partners
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About Us

Prashant Jain

Arpit Pareek

Harshit Goyal

Jitendra Singhal

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